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Super Set Training

Bodybuilding How To: The Super Set Training Principle

Seasoned or well established bodybuilders usually utilize highly specialized training systems to make sure that their exercises can be as productive as is expected. These training systems are arrangements of reps and sets, which are geared to make workouts challenging enough to fast track muscle mass growth. This particular process is referred to as hypertrophy.

One excellent instance of these specialized bodybuilding training systems is known as Super Sets, and is noted for being extremely effective. As it is, there are a couple of variations of this training system. However, one common principle that they all share is the pairing of workouts. All of which are done back to back with no rest interval in between their execution.

What are the benefits of super sets training?

As would be expected, there is a wide variety of advantages of integrating this training system into your bodybuilding or fitness regimen. To begin with, it can heighten the production of lactic acid in the body, which assists in the drastic boosting of the levels of growth hormones found in the body. The growth hormone is a powerful fat and muscle building hormone.

Secondly, different super set combinations can optimize muscle fibre activation. This simply means that you can utilize specific exercise combinations to increase the load placed on a targeted muscle, which can fast track its full development.

Thirdly, as these intense workouts are performed back to back, you will also be able to significantly minimize your overall workout duration. While still being in an excellent position of executing the similar amount of overall work you normally undertake. Let's now take a much closer look at 3 of the most notable examples of this bodybuilding training system.

Regular Super Sets

This involves executing two similar exercises back to back with no rest interval in between. As the muscles you target in the first set are fatigued, the second set will usually necessitate a decreased level of resistance. It should also be done with fewer repetitions than the first set. Some good examples of regular super sets include squats followed by lunges. Bench presses followed by push-ups or even sit-ups followed by planks.

Opposing Super Sets

This category of intense workouts is also known as Antagonistic Super Sets. It is primarily designed to target opposing muscles, and it allows plenty of work to be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. This is because each workout offers an active rest from the others that will be executed within the pairs.

Largely due to what is known as reciprocal inhibition, this training allows enhanced muscle recovery between exercises. When one muscle contracts the opposing one will relax; which is the fundamental principle of reciprocal inhibition, or Opposing Super Sets. By executing shredded muscle exercises in opposing pairs, the muscle will be able to recover much quicker. Some excellent examples of these workouts include shoulder presses done before pull-downs or leg extensions done before leg curls.

Pre-exhaust Super Sets

In virtually all workouts, there is usually a weak link that fails prior to the targeted muscle. In pressing workouts this is the triceps, while in pulling exercises this is the biceps. Pre-exhaust Super Sets efficiently navigate this issue by keeping the weaker muscle unused, and only utilizing them in the second set. This means that the main muscle is "pre-exhausted" in the first exercise. Some good examples of this system include dumbbells done before bench presses. Dumbbell pull-overs done before lat pull-downs or even dumbbell front raises executed before shoulder press.

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