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Anabolic Nutrition Program

Anabolic Nutrition Program to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

A former world class power lifter has developed this plan as it is used by bodybuilders. This is a program that is built on eating high protein foods, low carbohydrates, and high fats. As this is followed by two days of high carbohydrates, low protein, with some fats. The goal here is not about weight loss, but you increase the muscle mass and you decrease your body fat.

During the week you can enjoy burgers, steaks, chicken, fish, meat, cheese, butter, or diet soda. Then you can eat artificial sweeteners, low carb vegetables, sour cream, and Caesar salad dressing. What is great about this you can have sugar free Jello. You need to stick to a low carb plan, and this includes hard boiled eggs, ham, cottage cheese, corned beef, cream cheese, etc. Then you can snack on jack cheese, chicken and salsa. For an evening snack, you can have pistachio nuts and American cheese.

You can enjoy a high carb plan for the weekends, as this includes muffins or a bagel. Pasta with sauce, green beans, and a salad with low fat dressing on it. Then you can snack on angel food cake, strawberries, and whipped topping, oats, mixed in with raisons and you can eat a lot of fruit.

This is a nutrition program that loads up on carbs for training and this is a diet for reducing body fat. This is used for bodybuilders, but you should talk it with your doctor before trying this diet. This diet calls for a high percent of fat, a high percent of daily calories, and less carbs per day and the weekends you follow a high carb diet. This is alternative to using steroids to reduce the risk of muscle loss while losing fat.

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