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Anabolic Diet Meal Plan

Anabolic Diet Sample Meal Plan

The anabolic type of diet aims to provide a fat burning and muscle building food program. This type of diet manipulates the muscle building hormones without the use of drugs or medication. This diet was developed by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, a former world champion power lifter and currently working as a medical director at the World Wrestling Federation. Dr. Di Pasquale has diligently mastered the outcomes of his studies. The diet requires the right combination of food and eating at the right time.

How does the diet work:

The diet has a different pattern of food during the weekdays and weekends. This type of diet works for both men and women and is best paired with weight training and aerobic exercise.


Within this week, the diet is rich in protein, fats, and vegetables. The diet should be taken 5 days straight to condition the body in composing lean muscle mass.


During weekends, the diet is rich in carbohydrates, moderate fat content and low in protein.

Sample Anabolic Nutrition Program for Weekdays

Meal Plan 1

4 slices of bacon
3 whole eggs (fried)
1 table spoon of butter

Meal Plan 2

600 mg of pepperoni
600 mg of mozzarella

Meal Plan 3

2, 300 mg of steak
600 mg of American cheese

Meal Plan 4

3 ounces of turkey hot dog
1 tablespoon of mustard sauce

Meal Plan 5

300 mg of Italian cheese
1 serving of lettuce
1 tablespoon mustard sauce

Meal Plan 6

1/2 cup of pecans

This sample meal plan is intended for a week of no carbohydrates. Whole eggs may be taken for breakfast with a side serving of bacon and vegetables. A high fat Italian snack and French cheese may also be taken before going to bed. For lunch, meat patty with side servings of vegetables garnished with olive oil is a great plan meal. Pre workout snacks of Spanish or Italian Spam is recommended after the lunch menu. At dinner, a few cubes of cheese and a salad garnished with olive oil and mackerel would be a perfect menu.

Sample Anabolic Nutrition Program for Weekends

Meal Plan 1

3 pieces of pan cake
Light honey syrup

Meal Plan 2

One piece of fruit
2 pieces of bread with peanut butter

Meal Plan 3

1 cup of wheat rice
3000 mg of sweet potatoes

Meal Plan 4

2 pieces of sandwich
8 ounces of roast beef
1 cup of beans (baked)

Meal Plan 5

A plate of wheat pasta
marinara sauce for the pasta
1 cup of beans
1 serving of low fat salad

Meal 6

1 piece of angel cake
1 table spoon of whip
4 pieces of strawberries or cherries

For the weekend, a high carbohydrate diet is recommended to load the body for a week of no carbohydrate diet. Whole grain pasta, loads of fruits, and side servings of vegetables are perfect for breakfast, snacks, and dinner. Oats, raisins, and milk can also be taken during this weekend diet.

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